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Zuriel Procurement is a division of Zuriel Limited, a UK registered business management consultancy firm. The division specialises in providing quality and value-based procurement. We help our clients to focus on their core business functions giving them more time to map out their strategy.

Mission Statement

To deliver quality and value-based procurement that meets the needs of our clients, and also enable them to focus on their core competences.

Our Aims

  • To help our clients reduce their procurement costs through smart sourcing.
  • To represent overseas firms in the UK for their procurement needs.
  • To deliver excellent service and to regularly review service, and delivery policies and procedures against agreed key performance indicators.
  • To ensure we deliver “value for money” (VFM).
  • To buy responsibly and enhance sustainability at all time and at all cost.
  • To effectively manage any associated risk to procurement and delivery.

Core Values

  • Client Focused​
  • Value creation
  • Socially and ethically responsible
  • Integrity
  • Honest, responsible and reliable
  • Timeliness

Core Competences

  • We have a track record of strategic sourcing before engaging with suitable suppliers.
  • As a small growing company we devote our time to delivering excellent service to our clients.
  • We ensure that goods or services are being delivered as agreed, to the required level of performance and quality, and also supporting the business and operational need of the contract.
  • We manage third-party supplier’s relationship on behalf of our clients.
  • We have a culture to continuously improve the service provided and provide value for money (VFM) which generates benefits for our clients.