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Managed Services: we manage procurement functions for organisations, thereby empowering them to tighten their focus on their core business competences.

Sourcing Agent: we act as sourcing agent for various organisations, which include product and service sourcing.

Buying Solutions: we provide full buying services for our clients. This is a one-to-one service we give every client, i.e. we buy based on their real needs.

Examples of Previous Procurements:

  • Vehicles (cars, vans and motorbikes)
  • Adult and children clothing and accessories on behalf of retailers
  • Household products
  • Office equipments/machineries
  • Film/TV production products

Represent Overseas Firms: we manage procurement activities for overseas firms in the UK. These include: finding, evaluating, selecting and engaging suppliers, as well as facilitating purchases all through to delivery stage.

Facilitate “Just-In-Time” (JIT) Procurement: we provide a just-in-time procurement for organisations that operate based on a ‘lean thinking’ concept.

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Researching: we also research the opportunities of sourcing for multinationals interested in investing in foreign countries, especially in emerging economies.